Best RPG Android Game 2018

Hellow Guys, I think you all come here to know which is best RPG android game 2018 new. You all know everyone wants to download one game and do everything in one game and RPG(Role Playing Game) games give you these all experience like use cars, use various guns, kill types of enemy/zombies, fly, fight with sword and more. If you talk about Graphics, then graphic of these games is super, 3D real world. Then you have any low hardware Phone so first, buy new one under your budget then use these game without any lags.
So, Now go below and choose you best RPG android game 2018.

Best RPG Android Games 2018

Gangster New Orleans-

This is new RPG android game which spots soon but also become famous 2018. Gangster New Orleans is Gameloft inc. game and all you know how much Gameloft games famous. In this game you use your Rowdy character to fight with gangs, use various types of cars, 50+ guns, 3D real-world game and more like our GTA SA. If you find any new and best RPG game then you all choose this because this is best RPG game 2018.Price- Free(In-App-Purchase)




Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

I think everyone knows about GTA: SA, this is one of the world-famous PC game is now available for Android and also for IOS as well as. GTA SA is best and real-world RPG android game 2018. You all must play this classic action adventure’s game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is made by Rockstar Games. In this game you all use a character name CJ, you use this player drives cars, use bicycles, make GF, make gang, fight for gang and much more like real world. This game has over 100+ mission which never feels you boor every mission complete this game story. In my opinion, if you have Rs. 320/- then you play this game because of this not free game. GTA SA is one of the world best RPG android game 2018.
Price- Paid(In-App-Purchase)




Unkilled –

After the success of ShadowGuns and Dead Trigger 1/2 both downloaded over 100million Now these creators make the new game call Unkilled. if you are any action games, like you want to kill monsters then this android action game is only for you. This is a 3D zombie shooter game. At this time Unkilled has been downloaded over 10 million in  Android Play Store. In this PC world gaming not everyone can afford a gaming PC to play the game like COD, Battlefield, etc. but if you find some game in your phone to play like these PC so this one is best choice. This is first-person shooter game. If you talk about features then the first thing is to come his graphics, it has 300+ missions, multiplayer online PvP modes various zombies, more new types of guns and more. so this is best for every game i also find new types of guns to kill my enemy’s and you see new weapons in this game.
Price- Free(In-App-Purchase)



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Dragon Hunter 5-

Yah, Dragon Hunter most famous series game by Gameloft. Dragon Hunter 5 is old but ut gets updates every month and add some new features. if you want to play God Of War on your phone then you all choose this one. In this game you play your hero and follow the story kill enemy bots, dragons, monsters and more. this is also multiplayer action RPG game it means you play with your friends. Dragon Hunter 5 graphic, quality, sounds all are best. Which is best time pass RPG android game?
Price- Free(In-App-Purchase)



Eternity Warriors 4

After the great success of Eternity Warriors 1/2/3 by GLU inc. this company launch again the Eternity Warriors 4 in this series. this is an RPG game with best 3D graphic. in this game you may upgrade you hero Swords, gear Up you powers, kill enemy, monsters, boss and follow the story complete stage one by one. Eternity Warriors 4 is new but it downloaded over 1 million on Google Play Store.
Price- Free(In-App-Purchase)




Middle-earth: Shadow of War

This one is another RPG android game which name is Middle-earth: Shadow of War, This is one of the best RPG game available on the Android. In this game you see many players related you favourite movie Lord of the Rings. In this game you be a hero and save Orcs and kill and fight with various villains. So you feel like you a hero in this game and follow the story and play a role modal. If we talk about his features you first see your movie characters, fight with an old age Swords and Bows. so this one is best features i like. Middle-earth is best RPG android game 2018.
Price- Free(In-App-Purchase)




Iron Blade: Monsters Hunter RPG

Iron Blade another RPG android game by Gameloft. this is visceral, intense RPG game. This game storyline based on Medieval European Era. You play your character in this story, killbots, enemy stage wise and complete your game. If you want to play with sword and bows then this one is best and new RPG android play store game which spotted last year. It downloaded over 5 million on play store. Graphic of this game looks more realistic in android platform, it has 3D real-world Graphic.
Price- Free(In-App-Purchase)




Ravensworld: Shadowlands-

This Android RPG game created Crescent Moon Games. Ravensworld- Shadowlands is open world game. You play your character in story-line, choose various weapons like Swords, Bows. Graphic of this game is fabulous in Android games looks more realistic. You kill many of monsters and enemy, complete your stage one by one. So you download this game ha! wait don’t hurry because this game is not free, you may pay for this game Rs 460 and buy and download. So if you ready to fight, this one is best RPG android game 2018.
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Final Words-

I think you all know which is best RPG android game, but you all know in this list some games are Online Multiplayer game it means, it consumes your internet data to check your data always. Every year many types of games launch for Android but not all playable so before buying any game you must check game review in play store then download.

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