10 Best strategy games for Android 2018

Today, Here I add best strategy games android lists. Strategy game is best way to show your mind power to world. In these type of game you can build your army and destroy your enemy base. But not all strategy work like those. Here I add a list of best strategy android game, you choose one of them any play.

Best strategy games for Android 2018


Clash of Clans

COC is one of the most downloaded game on Play Store. this is most addictive android game for kids and younger. Any one can play this game, this is easy to play. In this game you are the king of a village, you build your village by upgrading walls, buildings, castle, troops and more. You also join a Clan group and fight for clan. You never boor in this game is you play. Graphic of this game is better for your smartphone. You can download this game from Play Store.

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World At Arms

This is best strategy games android for your smartphone. World At Arms made by Gameloft inc. It downloaded over 10 million times from Google Play Store. In this game you are the leader of an army base, you build your base more powerful, upgrade your army for war, you also use rocket launchers, tanks and more army equipment in this game. If you lover army and want be an army leader then this is only for you. Now you download this strategy android game from play store free but it has In-App Purchase.


Tactile Wars

Tactile Wars is colourful strategy android game. In this game you can control your army to kill enemy by your colourful paintball guns. The troops of the game are look very cute you love them. You can upgrade your troops, their guns and more in-game. You may download this game free of cost from Google Play Store. So, This one is best strategy game android.


Call of Duty: Heroes

I think all game lover know about Call Of Duty game for PC and for Smartphone. So, For every lover this is Call Of Duty Heroes for Android. This is army based game. In this game you may make an army base. You can upgrade you base structure, equipment, troops and more to build a strong army base.Your heroes use guns, grande to kill your enemy. This is best game for you if you like any army type game then this one is only made for you. So this one is best strategy latest android game.



If you be a hacker then Hackers android game is best for you. this one is best strategy android game. In this game you infect the virtual networks of your enemies in the world cyber war. You can best them infect enemy networks and win game. In this game you feel you be an authentic hacker. So, Now this one is Best android strategy game.


Dawn Of Titans

If you find any 3D strategy android game then Dawn Of Titans is your first choice to play on your smartphone. In this game you are king of an empire. So, You can build your Warrior and Titans to fight with enemies. Graphic of this game is super. You can control your thousands of soldiers by your finger tap and kill enemy soldiers. This is best game for who like old age era (the age of Swords). So, this is also best strategy online game.


Clash Royale

You all play Clash Of Clan and Clash Royale is another game by Supercell after the great success of Clash Of Clan. This is best one screen strategy game. You see some old troops from COC and also some new troops in Clash Royale. This is online game and 2 players can play this game at one time and your work to destroy your enemy base who destroy base by its player then he wins the match. I think you all like this game so much. Graphic of this is super and best for your smartphone. So this one is best and joyful strategy android game offline.


Plague Inc.

Plague is a nother Best strategy game android. In this strategy game, your main work is controlled plague to expanding in world. By stop spreading Plague you can win this game. This game has 12+ type of diseases. This game mentally prepares you for any this types of Plague. So, This one is best free strategy games for Android.


Last Day On Earth: Survival

This is MMORPG type survival android game. When no one lives on earth and only you alone live on earth then how you survive? This game based on this story when you only live on Earth as like the name of game Last Day On Earth. In this game you can collect resource to live on Earth. You can collect food, make your hut, go to another area and more. In this game, you not alone to survive. For survive in game you can fight with zombies attack because all earth people infected by virus and you one not affected by virus. So, I think you enjoy this game when you play. This is free of cost game on Google Play Store. This is best turn-based strategy games android.

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Great Little War Game 2

After the best success of Great Little War Game the company launch this game 2nd part. This is another android strategy game. In this game you all see a map and maps your work to sent your troops into battle field and defeat your enemy. This game also works like COC as you can get various troops with various powers on battle to use its power to defend enemy in feild. You can play over more than 60 missions in this game. So, You enjoy this game lot. This is best android strategy games.


Mini Warriors

Mini Warriors is other best strategy android game in this line. As name Mini warriors you see mini cute warriors. In this game you may build your barbarians for epic great war. This is 2D strategy game. You can use up to 1000 heroes one time in war. Ober 200+ types heroes you get in this game then its a huge amount for any war. In my opinion you may try also this game because you never forget these little cute heroes if you play one time. So, This is best android strategy games without in-app purchases.


Final Words

I think you all know which is best strategy android game for your best phone. These all strategy game is best in his area. You see all game lover in world, I also play some of game like Hackers, Plague, Clash Of Clan, Clash Royal and more form this list. So, This is top 5 strategy android game 2018.

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