Top 5 Apps That Each Mobile Gamer Should Install In 2018

There are many apps on Google Play Store can make for your mobile for the best gaming experience. You can earn money with these apps. Nowadays in US, Uk, China etc. You can earn by these apps so much while playing and giving gaming news on it.

But here, I find some apps for all of you. So, I’ve compiled a list of Top 5 Android Apps For Gamers. Read below and enjoy.

Top 5 Android Apps Every Mobile Gamer Should Install



If you have an Android device then you may install Showbox on it. Because you’re already missing a lot of joy. In this app many Active users earn more than $25 every week.

You can earn Cashpoints on Showbox easily by trying games, watching short videos, Apps and participating in several other offers. You can also earn Cashpoints on Showbox every day by opening the app. But, The best part of earning money in Showbox app is their mobile game contests for all contestant.

You can redeem your Cash-Points via Amazon gift card, Netflix gift card, PayPal, Top up phone bill or Donate to the community. It your choice to how you redeem your money. So this is a best android app for android gamers.


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Twitch TV App

The Twitch TV app on Google Play Store has taken PC/Mobile gaming to a whole new level. This app allows you to watch broadcasts games you like and enjoy. Twitch TV also provide you to chat with the gamers you follow on.

You can Live and recorded video of top games, esports events & players. Lots of Interactive shows by Xbox, Sony, Riot Games, Dota, league of legend & other game developers here. You may also follow Twitch channels, gamers and games you wanna keep to it. I say one thing more Twitch TV is best app for Android and many of US/UK gamer use Twitch TV for gaming over Youtube Gaming App.


YouTube Gaming App

Ya, Like Twitch App YouTube Gaming App also same. In this app you can watch live gaming of you any favorite game of PC Games, Android Games & IOS Games. You know Youtube is world No.1 video platform, So in this app you get huge traffic from any world. In this app you follow your best game and follow your favorite gamer. You chat with your gamer live, use super chat also to pay some money on it. For gamers, this is also best App for Android gaming.


Appy Gamer

Appy Gamer is a gaming news app that covers almost all news about the gaming industry. In Appy Gamer App, you get all the latest news about mobile games, PC games in a high visual format.

The app provides you variety of gaming topics. By that way, you’ll get complete articles with texts, photos and videos. The app is available in 9 regional languages including China, USA, UK, Germany, Italy etc.


Discord- Chat For Gamers

In this App, you could talk to other gamers, chat with them, share images and videos via an Android app. This app is unique platform for gamers to connect with other gamers. The app allows gamers to chat with other team members whenever they are playing online on it.

In this app you get boasts of some several key features including voice chats, videos, real-time chatting which includes sharing images and texts. So you can use this for gaming in your android phone.


Finally, You all know that you see many android game, PC games, Andorid games on these Android app. So you can choose any app for your gaming experience on android app. These are best android games for gamers in 2018.


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