Top Amazing Apps By Google In 2018|YOU NEVER SEEN


All You already use Google Apps like Google Photos, Google Maps, Earth, Gmail, etc. for all android and these google product already came with your phone. But here we talking about Google other apps for more support in your phone by Google Apps. We know Google apps are secure for anyone. In this line segment Google launch apps for you Data, Filemanager, Scanner, Reward app, Youtube Lite and useful app & more in this list. So see this list know and use your best App and become secure. Top Amazing Apps By Google In 2017.

Top Amazing Apps By Google In 2018


Google Datally app helps the user to measure data an hourly, daily, or weekly base purpose and get some personal recommendation on data by Google to save more data of Mobile. Once you turn on the data saver it stops apps to use in background data. You also monitor real-time usage data by one tap. So this App become very useful for you.


It is a Google scanner App call Photoscan for your old printed photo and it is very easy to use to save all your old memory. You just hold your phone as the app says on your photo and then Photoscan app scans & enhances photo quality and Saved your memory Forever. It use Google AI to calibrate the color and remove other Glare from photos. So, This app may useful for you i think.

Files Go:-

Its a type of file manager app. it offers some suggestion to user to what useless files to be delete. It also supports offline data transfer from you to your friends who uses this FilesGo App and it use  secure hotspot for way to transfer to another one. So, This app also useful for you to know how much my mobile use data and make you phone lite forever.

Youtube Go:-

Finally all we download youtube videos officially by YoutubeGo App, this app is designed for offline videos and gives a good experience of watching videos offline any where in any network. Users can also download videos offline to your phone or sd card and they can transfer the videos without data cost to other people who have This app. So, This app for Video Lovers.

Google Rewards:-

it’s an app that help you to earn some money by doing some surveys, filling forms etc. and you get google credit by Goole to you. You can transfer to your bank or buy apps using that Money.

I think You all know that top best google app in 2018 For you and your family.

Note:- You all downlaod this from Google Play Store.


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