What Is Black Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO Is Illegal?

Black Hat SEO is a wrong way to boost your site traffic for a while and you need to know this is Illegal. If you do Black SEO it may harm your website or your website blocked forever by Google. Many bloggers do this technique to boost his traffic on his website to earn money and this is A Nine Days Wonder. Black SEO is famous nowadays. You see some blogger show their earning by this method, but you all beware never follow this method on your website.
This method harms your website anytime and you ban for a lifetime on search engines. So, Never follow any Black Hat technique if you love your Website. Work hard you got success by leaps and bounds.

What Is Black Hat SEO


Know Black Hat Technique

There is variety of techniques known as Black Hat SEO Techniques and it is not supported or accepted by SEO professionals. Professionals always encourage every blogger for hard work to become a successful blogger and this is true if you work hard you got success in life events. Here is some method I see on websites which they use for boost traffic by This  SEO.

Keyword Stuffing

The use of more keywords in your posts which create illusions for search engines bots and this is a wrong method to gain traffic and its called Keyword Stuffing. All SEO professionals prefer 2 to 3% keyword density only in posts to get genuine and real traffic by search engines. Meta tag stuffing is also like this. if your use more than any keywords used in the meta tag then it also a Black SEO technique and this is illegal method to gain traffic to your websites. So, never do this type of technique in your website posts because Google never allows this type website in his search engines when you trace by Google.


In this method, some people make two versions of the same page for search engines. When search engine bot crawls from these pages, but visitors have a different web page display. This is called process cloaking. So, I say all of you never follow these types of techniques on your websites. This is also work like Mirror Websites. In this process, a person creates many websites, but all of websites looks and contents are same.

Page Hijacking

The Page Hijacking is a technique in which someone creates a dummy content that is served to bots to crawl like the original content. But it sends to the users to a fraud website.


What is a difference between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

By Professionals information they never support to do black hat technique on your website. Many new bloggers think if i do black seo technique to got success in blogging but it is nine days fether. You never got success with other successful websites. But Black Hat SEO is a short way to earn money and traffic for a short period, if you do white hat SEO then you increase step by step and never let down. White Hat SEO takes time for traffic but this traffic is genuine and you know as a good blogger in view of Google or other search engines.

So, Black Hat SEO is usually utilized by SEO individuals to get higher rank in search engines. But the biggest disadvantage of Black Hat SEO technique is that it not work for much longer or a long period, Using of Black Hat method that is blacklist you website by search engines soon and you never run long on blogging track. So please never follow this illegal technique and work honestly to got success. If you work genuine Google and other search engines always support you to become a successful Blogger.


What Google SEO Guideline Says

There are some Guidelines by Google if you do this thing then Google trace out your website as Black Hat Method and blacklist your website for life time. So, You all need to know this Guideline to be secure your website.

  • Making a wrong landing page and redirecting that is different from the search result.
  • Creating only Pages or Content which is designed only by keeping in mind the search engine.
  • Hide text incorrectly by colours, change its CSS etc.
  • Check your Meta tags content because Google search engines match your meta tags with text.
  • Never do keyword stuffing, Meta Tag Stuffing. It means that you never write your keywords in post again and again. Copying content of any web site is also a part of Black Hat SEO. So do not copy article form any websites.

Want To Know More Go To Google Webmaster Guideline For More Information Related this.


Final Words

I think you all know how much danger is Black Hat SEO and how much it harm your website or blog. You all work hard and you got success in 2 to 3 month. So, Work honestly because Honesty Is The Best Policy.

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